Dream a little dream of me…

Wow what a semester. I could go to bed and it’s only 9:30 pm…I’m always exhausted! So tonightIi decided a little blogging and nail painting sounded better than homework.

I remember when I was much, much younger, my cousin had a crazy blue dream catcher. She had a dream one night about pink flamingos, and the next morning there was a pink feather in her dream catcher!! Ever since then I have been fascinated by dream catcher, and I even bought a little one for myself!

I was always interested in making one of my own, but for the life of me I could not seem to find a tutorial or kit or anything and they looked complicated as heck…until now!!!

School has made me push most of my passions to the side, thus I forgot about these crazy little dream webs. In class today, I was of course visiting A Beautiful Mess, and they had featured another home! Laura Mazurek’s bedroom is what got me super excited about dream catchers! Just look at the one above her bed! I had to keep myself from screaming in class….about a dream catcher…yeah, I’m that girl….


Plus she has adorable animals. And I really love the whole earthy feel of her home! Sometimes I wish I could pull that off but who am I kidding???

So then I remembered I DID in fact find a tutorial on how to make dream catchers!! (MAXIMUM EXCITEMENT)

Of course, I visited my handy dandy CraftGawker.com and searched dream catchers, and found this beauty! First, let me just say, that Anto’s blog name ‘Stardust Soul’ is so creative!! Also, this girl is freaking talented! Her illustrations are unbelievably breathtaking. Check them out!!!
Her dream catcher tutorial is simple, basic, and totally easy to follow. I’m so excited to make one and decorate it with all sorts of stuff!!

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!

If not please disregard the multitude of annoying exclamation points. And have a lovely night 🙂


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