Festive Room Decoration

Now that the snow has all melted, I want it to snow again so badly! I’m ready for the rolling hills to be covered in sparkling untouched snow, warm blankets, hot cocoa, cuddling, and Harry Potter movie marathons.

And as I’ve already mentioned before, I’ve begun listening to Christmas music. AND IT IS WONDERFUL. I don’t know why I was so against it before. You know how sad it is once you have to stop listening to it, so why not start early?

In previous posts during my decor phase, I blogged about my horrible white walls, and how I battled with myself on whether to decorate for a couple months, just to take it down. Well I gave in! My walls were too white and cold. So I strung up some colorful Christmas lights, and added a personal touch!

Here’s how i did it:

String up your lights in any shape you desire (preferably one that will be suitable for hanging photographs).

kate kellogg the last hoorah

I used tiny nails to help form my shape, and so they’re not super visible.

kate kellogg the last hoorah

I purchased big clothespins to hang my photographs. I stood in the store aisle for a while trying to decide on the large or small clothespins. For me, the bigger ones worked for hanging photos from the many wires that composed the Christmas lights. If you think of another way to hang your photos, go for it!

kate kellogg the last hoorah

And then I went crazy! Because I care about my displays being visually appealing, I arranged my pictures in a specific order. I switched my photos from horizontal and vertical, until I ran out of horizontal photographs.

kate kellogg the last hoorah

The finished product!! Hooray!! I am so excited about this!

kate kellogg the last hoorah

Here’s the one my roommate made, alternatively with white festive lights.

kate kellogg the last hoorah

This project is super easy and relatively inexpensive to create! It has creates such a warm atmosphere in my room and I just love it!


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