My Fall Essentials

This is the first time I have listened to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. But it’s ok! The snow told me I could. Last week we got at least an inch of snow within an hour of me getting home from my weekend away. It was beautiful!

My number one Fall essential, is a cozy long cardigan like this one, from American Eagle Outfitters.

Picture 1

Why she’s wearing shorts with it, when it’s fall, I don’t know…But I like the sweater!! I actually got my cream sweater cardigan from Fred Meyer.

My number 2 fall essential are boots! I would wear them everyday of the year if I could. These boots are probably my go-to for those cold rainy days. But i really want a pair of THESE!!

Picture 4

I’m not sure if they’d look good on my short legs, they might make me look shorter. But I’ve wanted them for forever!

Now all I need is some dangle earrings and a spritz of my favorite fall perfume, Irresistible Apple by Bath and Body Works. Which, unfortunately, they no longer make. So I’m saving every last drop!



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