Lovely place to catch some Zz’s…

Let’s see, Part 3 of my Decor phase? I’ve lost count.

I spent this weekend in Kirkland, WA with a couple of great friends, while my boyfriend took his police exam, and passed with flying colors!! Yay!! After spending the weekend with them I can’t help but think about my future. I showed my boyfriend my collection of bedroom ideas and he seemed to like the gray palettes the best. Fine by me!
When it comes to bedrooms, I’ve lived in a total of four, and they were all designed so differently! For the most part. Growing up in my childhood bedroom, it was originally painted a soft pink, by my mother. When I was in elementary school I painted it lavender-such a cool phase of my room. I had beds built into the wall with lavender curtains!-and then middle school I though it’d be a great idea to paint it ‘dora the explorer pink’ with a bright orange horizontal stripe running through the middle of my wall. I couldn’t sleep for weeks! Then I finally painted it a soft light blue, and it’s still that color today! Of course in college, my dorm room walls were either carpeted or white, and in my apartment we’re not allowed to paint the walls, so they remain white.

While white is not my first choice, it definitely challenges me to be creative and cover the walls some other way! My room is a work in progress to say the least. But I’ll also be moved out in less than 6 months…to continue decorating or not? And while white walls are not in my binder of inspiration, I can’t help but be drawn to big white bedsheets…
dreaming-white-christmas-bedroom-1210-lgn copy

After scaring myself with bright pink walls, I’m now more drawn to soothing whites, creams, mints, and greys. This photo of Lisa and Dan Tiemann’s home was featured online at Country Living and they call it a pale peaceful bedroom, which is exactly what I’m looking for! I think was drew me in first, was the mint colored wall. My favorite colors have been between teal, mint, seafoam green, and others like them for a while. The cool mint color of the room is so very soothing! Plus that bed looks so incredibly comfortable, I just want to bury myself in it!

So while I was away this weekend, I sayed with great people whom I adore, and I noticed that while their tiny adorable apartment was decorated with so many great pieces from their wedding-I should have gotten a picture dangit!-there was one wall that seemed to be lacking something.
And for the life of me no matter how much I searched DwellingGawker, I could not find the blog post I was looking for, to show my friends to give them some inspiration!
Their wall behind the TV consisted of two beautiful paintings of the ocean shore (as they grew up on an island) and a beautiful little clock. I think one way to make your home that much more cozy and personal, is to hang photos of yourself all over the place!


I wanted to show them this picture, because a wall full of photos is exactly what they needed! Plus apparently they ordered close to 900 photos from their wedding…This picture is featured on the blog Lolly Jane and in a post about a bedroom renovation! P.S. I love the colors in this room! The colors are so soft and soothing with pops of bright yellows! For my dearest friends for christmas (hopefully they don’t read this!) I think I’ll paint a giant S for their last name to get them started on a great feature wall!


So as I’m reminiscing about my great weekend, I’m sitting here in my bed with my heated blanket on, while th outside world is literally freezing. My Instagram pictures at the bottom of my page shows just how much snow we got yesterday in an hour!! Whaa?!?!
This leads me to my next bedroom. One day I went on a knit blanket spree and half of the photos of bedrooms in my inspiration binder are only in there because of the blankets on them!

knitbedroom copy

I MEAN SERIOUSLY THOUGH!!! I wish I could make that blanket myself! I showed my boyfriend this one and he ended up admitting that he loved the blanket too! So my search begins for an amazing knit blanket as this one! I grabbed this photo from At Home In Love, where she features my obsession-knits!! It’s such a great collection and just gets me so excited for these end of the year seasons!

Finally, I leave you with what could very much be my future bedroom. At my childhood home, my mom is turning my room into a guest bedroom. I said it was OK!
And the main feature is a tufted gray headboard with an antiqued princess cream frame. GAH. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE BEAUTY?!?!?!
look3 copy

So this photo is the basis for my bedroom inspiration, and I found it at House of She. GREAT website. Definitely a place to check out palettes and different items to complete your room! She gives you plenty of different ideas for a look that screams you! Plus as I’ve mentioned before with always wanting a beach house, those white washed boards make the room! I WANT.

So i leave you with a cute animal on a bed, grinning at how great he’s got it 🙂

whiteandbeige2 copy

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