Pretty places for pots and pans.

Part 2 of my inspiration for my future home!

First stop is The Lilypad Cottage. I had first seen just the picture of her kitchen, but once I toured her home by the lake I am so inspired!! I absolutely love the blues, creams, and the burlap textures with mixes of grays. SO IN LOVE. My grandparents have a lake house of their own that is only seasonal, but I’ve always wanted to live by the water. Kelly’s house is BEAUTIFUL! And you should check out her bathroom. So serene. I want to light a lot of candles and have a big bubble bath in that tub! I really enjoyed how she gives you much more information on each room if you just follow those little blue links. She has a new story for each aspect of the room, and it just adds so much character knowing the story for each piece!

So here’s her lovely kitchen! I can’t imagine messing up this room. But with my cooking skills, I’m sure it’d be a mess! I find it interesting how back in the day houses were built with large family rooms, and nowadays the family room have become the kitchen! People go where the food is, am I right? I know I do!


The writer of The Lilypad Cottage made that Eat sign herself – so creative!! It is the perfect piece for this kitchen. I’ve always been wary of shelving in kitchens, but that’s because where I live there’s so much dust from all the wheat fields. But in her kitchen it adds so much! I love the white back splash and the little touches of color. I’ve actually stored this picture in my binder for a long time because I just love this kitchen!!


Next on my list, is the kitchen from DIY Show Off. I’ve had this picture for a long time too! I think I have an obsession with whites and creams and blues and grays….Now this is not Roeshel’s finished kitchen. She added an island and so many other aspects! But I think this pictures shows her amazing floors and back splash and that kitty! 🙂


I really love the white and cream kitchens because it leaves room for amazing pops of color that are interchangeable. This kitchen allows so much potential for that! Plus those hard wood floors are TO DIE FOR. I love the rustic wood aspects of any house. I want this kitchen!! It’s so open and inviting.


Lastly, is a kitchen featured by Coastal Living magazine. I grew up in Seaside, Oregon, and so beach houses are just a part of me. I went through a phase where I wanted everyroom to showcase seaglass, starfish, burlap, white wash boards (still want) and old boats, oars, and rope! But depending on where you live that might be a little ridiculous. Like if you live at the mountain.


There are those wood aspects that I love! I also really enjoy the lightly painted walls and a colorful back splash! This kitchen just feels homey. The aspects that Coastal Living features include the double-decker cabinetry, the marine colors, stainless appliances, the light gray paint and the wood, and the lighting. The one thing I’m not too excited about in this kitchen is the cabinets. Being 5’2″ there’s no way I could reach those without a ladder! I’m still looking for alternatives to high cabinets in a kitchen…But the marine colors create a soothing feel in this kitchen which is great for those chaotic dinner parties! Any dinner with my family always ends in something broken. So the feeling I get from this kitchen is very appealing! If I close my eyes I can just feel that sea air and salty breeze brush my hair back. Sold!

Thinking about kitchens all day has me feeling sad about my dingy apartment kitchen. And I’m hungry. Off to make banana bread!


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