Who will you become on the night of All Hallow’s Eve?

As Halloween gets closer, I’m sure everyone is thinking of what to dress up as! #lifedecisions

This year on Halloween, the Washington State Cougar football team has a game against Arizona State University ((BOO) (pun intended)). My brother is currently down in Arizona so this rivalry makes me want to win that much more!! So of course, I’ll be attending. But because it’s already October and because Pullman is notoriously known for the cold weather, I doubt many people will be dressing up-except for me! It’s Halloween, how can you not?? I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post or not, but I’m going to be a bunny for Halloween. And no, not the super revealing Playboy bunny. Just your typical adorable white bunny. I have a big, puffy, warm, white jacket and white pants and white bunny ears to match! I’m going for comfort over fashion here. Since it’s supposed to be in the 30 degree weather.

But I have already discovered my costume for next year!! If you haven’t decided on a costume yet for the All Hallow’s Eve of 2013, maybe this will help!

I was browsing A Beautiful Mess, because there is still so much to see! And this last week, the ladies featured Katie, of Skunkboy Creatures, and her DIY mother-daughter ragdoll costume!
Quick disclaimer: I do not have a daughter, but I think the ‘mother’ version of this costume is absolutely adorable!!


How creative is that?? Major props to Katie. This costume screams DIY and is perfect for a crafting-obsessed gal like me!

The ladies from A Beautiful Mess also feature an owl costume in this post, that is worth checking out!

Have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween?

My Inspiration-A love story

Starting a blog where I post about anything I want, though it sounds perfect, has been a struggle for me! This semester is crazy busy and I barely have any time for myself. How does your blog stand apart from the millions of others out there? I am exactly the same as any girl from my generation, who loves to bake and craft.

I started with the theme of my blog, focusing on my last year here at WSU (sad). With this blog being a class assignment but also my secret want to be a blogger, I began looking at the details of each blog page I visited, trying to get ideas for my own.

But this isn’t where my story begins.

It begins on Instagram. Surprise!


This was the first Instagram I ever posted, that wasn’t of other pictures or of my cats. That was four years ago, crazy how times flies.

Anyway, I started following @elsiecake on Instagram because I liked her pictures, though I never looked at her blog. Then when she promoted her new app A Beautiful Mess, a photo editing app (see above), I was psyched!! And then I finally discovered what would soon become my obsession and inspiration, the blog A Beautiful Mess. I never though someone could make a living off of blogging, for real, but Elsie and her sister Emma have done just that! Among many other small businesses off the side, including the smart phone app. It’s amazing how much these girls have on their plates yet their posts are consistent and always insightful and entertaining! I WANT TO BE THEM.

If you have read past posts on my blog, you can easily tell that I have had multiple end-of-college-crises. I work at a Mexican restaurant right now and it’s easy money and I work with great people, but I’m ready to find something new. And the only problem with working in a college town, is if you don’t find a job at the beginning of the semester, good luck finding anything at all! Unfortunately, that’s the only long time job I’ve ever had. I worked for my dad last summer and I got great experience. But don’t employers poo-poo working for family?

My 18-year-old brother already has his own business selling used golf balls, and he encouraged me to start my own business. So with A Beautiful Mess as my inspiration, I’m looking to start my own business in the next year selling embroidered stationary. I made everyone personalized embroidered cards for Christmas last year ad they loved them! I would post a picture, but I don’t want anyone stealing my idea 🙂

So off to creating!! I will be keeping you posted if I ever get this thing going.

Home is where the heart is.

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Ever since my junior year of college, I have been interested in interior design/obsessing over how my future house will look. As I have posted before, I am a frequent visitor of the Gawker sites. This time, it’s DwellingGawker! This … Continue reading