Yummy Trends

If you haven’t noticed already, fall is my all-time favorite season, with winter in a close second. The first rainy day always gets me excited for big knitted blankets, fires, warm drinks, yummy spices, and someone to cuddle!

Pullman knows all about the cold, so it’s literally summer one day and fall the next. My sweaters and Uggs could feel the chill in the air and were itching to get out of my closet!!

You especially know fall is around the corner when football starts (Go Cougs!), and Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice Lattes!! Eek!!

Pumpkin spice and apple are my favorite flavors for fall. Especially when I’m scrolling through Food Gawker looking for delicious new dinners and deserts to make!

I mean doesn’t your mouth water when looking at this beauty?? YUMM-O.
The photos are phenomenal, first off, illustrating the fluffiness of those cupcakes…excuse me…drooling. The blog Some Kitchen Stories is produced by Nicole who is a photographer, and Judi who is a writer. They put together their talents to bring you a beautiful collection of photos and recipes and stories!! But seriously every post makes my jaw drop in the beauty of food. I love these women and I know from now on I’ll be visiting their blog frequently!

ME WANT COOKIES, said my stomach. I would eat these so quick!! Pumpkin and honey sound like an amazing combination. The blog is called Averie Cooks and her color scheme is adorable with the pastel pink! She uses her own recipe for this batch and I can’t wait to try it!! The pictures emphasize the warm colors of fall with the golden honey, and worn cutting board and those delectable, fluffy, cookies. Miss Averie Sunshine even has her own cookbook that I definitely wouldn’t mind having in my kitchen!!

By the way, this post is making me really hungry and my fingers are antsy to bake….
My boyfriend is not a  fan of cake. So for his birthday last year I made him apple crisp. while it was indeed yummy, it was not pretty whatsoever and did not look like the picture from the recipe. But with ice cream it was delicious! This apple crumble, looks promising. Or maybe I’m just craving fall desserts really bad by this point!! This recipe also combines two flavors using almond flour, which with apple, I think would add that extra little something! Soni’s Food is a blog that is inspired by Global Cuisine, and this particular blog post is gluten free! My nephew was just put on a gluten free diet and I’m interested in learning more about gluten, and finding recipes for desserts we can all enjoy!

What is fall without a hot drink to warm your chilled hands? I recently joined the world of legal drinkers, and I am always willing to try something new! And might I say, this looks delightfully delicious. This lovely drink is posted on the blog Cocktail Remedy, by Nick. And he’s from Portland, Oregon, wha whaa!!! His posts are absolutely amazing. Looks like I came to the right place when i said I liked trying new drinks!! Amazing!!

I hope you all are enjoying you new season full of drinks and baked goods. I know I am!


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