Digital Photography: A Basic Manual

Within this last year, I took my second college class on photography. My professor assigned the book Digital Photography: A Basic Model, by Henry Horenstein. I had just learned how to actually use my camera without always having it on the automatic settings. And for an amateur photographer who is till open and willing to learn any kind of new information, this book was my life saver when it came to the different elements and aspects of digital photography. However, this book-like it says in the title-is a manual, teaching you how to use your camera.

I got this book locally at the BookPeople of Moscow for about $30. This book got me through the semester and helped me produce photos like this one! I learned all about lighting from this book.


This second class, was the first time I had ever worked with flash. I’ll admit, I was really hesitant about buying one. I can take great pictures without it,Ii thought. But the flash opens up another world of lighting when it comes to photography. This book helps in learning about the characteristics of light and how the direction of light, can change the textural quality of a photo.

But of course this book isn’t just on lighting. There are chapters discussing digital capture, camera lenses, the shutter, camera exposure, scanning, image editing, and printing. All you need to know to start out! The author gives great examples and is really thorough with each step of the process. This is the only textbook for photography that I’ve ever been assigned, and purchased, and I’m never letting it go!

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