Book I Want to Write

“I’m ninety. Or ninety-three. One or the other.”

This is the first line in the book, Water for Elephants written by Sara Gruen. Followed by:

“When you’re five, you know your age down to the month. Even in your twenties you know how old you are. I’m twenty-three, you say, or maybe twenty-seven. But then in your thirties something strange starts to happen. It’s a mere hiccup at first, an instant of hesitation. How old are you? Oh I’m — you start confidently, but then you stop. You were going to say thirty-three, but you’re not. You’re thirty-five. And then you’re bothered, because you wonder if this is the beginning of the end. It is, of course, but it’s decades before you admit it.”

I LOVED this book. Absolutely one of my favorites. I had seen the movie first, not knowing it was a novel, and of course the book was better than the movie!

I have always been a reader. I’m pretty sure I taught myself, in preschool. I was so excited that I read the same book over and over and over again. It was called The Goodnight Gecko by Gill McBarnet. But once I reached middle school I became obsessed with the cheesy romance novels, and eventually moved onto Sarah Dessen, and then Nicholas Sparks. The most recent book I read was The Other Boelyn Girl-Amazing!! Every year, I keep a book log of all the books I’ve read. I believe it was back in middle school that I read 27 books in one summer! but of course I had no life, so there’s that. I love the books that you become attached to, emotionally. I’ve cried from many books. No shame!

I have so many favorite books I can’t choose just one. And although I do consider myself a great writer, I don’t think I could ever write my own novel. There’s nothing like that feeling of getting a good book and not being able to put it down for days. My grandma had given me a book called The Outliers and at first glance I said heck no!! So after a couple years of it being in my garage, I read it. It was incredible and fascinating. I had just taken my first communication class at WSU, and I was able to recognize a lot of references that were made in the book, to historical figures in communication. While I am a sucker for the romance novels, I do branch out every now and then! But it has been too long since I’ve read a good book for pleasure. But with my busy schedule I can’t find the time. Although I am excited to start research my next adventure! Any recommendations would be appreciated 🙂


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