Someone Has to Say It

Fashion trends are always interesting to watch come and go. My favorites this year have bee maxi skirts, although I have yet to own one. Being barely 5’2″ it’s hard to find one that doesn’t swallow me up!

But the one I am not a fan of, is girl’s shorts that are SO INCREDIBLY SHORT. I can literally see their butt cheeks. One, it looks like they have a bad wedgie, and two, I DEFINITELY do not want to see that!

But enough about college clothing trends. This post is about something that should be common sense: respect.

When it comes to the classroom, and students are talking throughout the WHOLE class, not only are you blatantly disrespecting the teach/professor, but you’re disrespecting me!! I am actually trying to learn here.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed this across all aspects of life, and not just in school. But I was particularly inspired to write about this issue, when I went to a panel discussion put on by the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication: ‘The Challenging Role of Women in Broadcasting.’ Even though I attended the meeting for extra credit, the panel was full of great women who are role models across the Communication spectrum. One being Kay Wight, who was asked by Edward R. Murrow himself to come to New York, along with many, many other achievements. I was really excited for the discussion, but was distracted by the texts messages coming through on the phone next to me. The girl in the seat to my left, was on Twitter, Facebook, refreshing her Instagram feed, and checking her e-mail throughout the whole meeting. And while I tried to ignore it, every buzz or swipe of the thumb made me more and more upset.

I find the disrespect against teachers, professors or authority figures by college students abundant and appalling.

Didn’t Aretha teach us anything? ‘All I’m asking, is for a little respect!’

You may not be interested in what they have to say, but you WILL learn something. Even if that is that what they have to say has no relevance to your life!

While I just went for extra credit, I learned much about the broadcasting industry and even got to know a news anchor from my own local news station. Most of the discussion was about broadcasting and while I’m a Public Relations major, these women had some very profound things to say. For example, Kay Wight said “it’s important that you know who you are, believe in yourself, and you maintain your integrity.” AWESOME!!

Quite frankly, I pity the girl who was distracted and/or uninterested. She missed out on a great discussion! I just wish students would realize how close they are to the real world, how they’re not in high school anymore and respect is extremely important for any relationship!


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