Leaves Turning Crimson Red….

One more week until Fall officially starts!!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes re already here, this weekend was the first home football game for the COUGARS!!!! We beat Southern Utah University 48 to 10. I also put up my fall wreath that has fake wheat and pumpkins on it.

My roommates and I want to carve pumpkins soon so I have to think of something awesome to carve. Which means Halloween is right around the corner!!! I have been planning my costume since November 1st of last year: a strawberry.
Last year, I was a Lion:

The tall grass in my backyard was a perfect backdrop, no?

I hand-made the entire costume myself!! First time using a hand-held sewing machine, or any type of sewing machine in a LONG time. It was AWESOME, if I do say so myself. I know I won’t be able to beat it this year, mostly because I’ll just be wearing a red dress with some green felt. I still have my Lion costume and hopefully I’ll get to wear it in the future!

I had never made my costume until my freshman year of college, when I was a peacock!

I guess you could say I like being animals for Halloween. When I was little, I’m pretty sure I was a black cat for about five years in a row.

Sophomore year I was a “nerd,” which I did not make myself. While I did look a-dork-able, that costume was too mainstream for someone who was raised across the river from Portland.

A fun fact about this photo: in my photography class, we has to become our Halloween costume. I admit, I cheated and took this a couple days after Halloween. I had my roommate take the picture, and unfortunately as I was making my way through the grass in my gray TOMS, I stepped in dog poop. And not just any dog poop, a-dog-with-an-upset-stomach dog poop. No wonder I was making that face in the photo!! GROSS.


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