Smartphone Camera Lenses

Ever since I got a barbie Kodak camera for Christmas when I was about 7 years old, photography has been a passionate hobby of mine. I have taken a couple photography classes since high school and eventually minored in photography in college. But I still have a lot to learn!
No matter my amount of talent, every time my family or friends and I, would leave for an event, it was always “Kate, do you have your camera?”

I was really big into Instagram for a bit. I was famous on IG with close to 500 followers. But unfortunately, taking so many photo classes, and everything on IG turning ridiculous, I was burnt out. Thankfully not anymore!!

My brother takes amazing pictures with his iPhone. He bought a macro lens from apple and his feed on Instagram are incredible!! (Username: kelloggmaster if you’re interested. Which you should be) So when I saw this article I immediately thought of him.

I remember walking into a best buy not too long ago and seeing digital cameras with removable lenses. Not Canon, or Nikon cameras, but like dinky fit-in-your-pocket cameras with the automatic lens. Now they’re DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex)!!

Technology is constantly changing. And I know I just posted about how it’s ruining society, but when it comes to cameras i love it!! Always new toys to discover and experiment with.

You can see my Instagram pictures at the bottom of my blog. I have two accounts. One is personal and private, and the other is strictly dslr taken (ok fine, mostly dslr).

Grab a camera and go photograph the world!


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