When you’re standing in a line, and the person behind you doesn’t know what personal space is. That frustrates me.

When you’re not eating, but someone else is, and smacking their lips away. THAT is my nails on a chalkboard. I cringe! I just cannot stand it.

But today I’m going to talk about something a little bit different than pet peeves. Technology.

Technology has immensely changed society as we know it. Most of us have grown up with it. It has become our go-to whether it be updating our Facebook status, Tweeting at our favorite celebrity, Instagramming our dinner, or even looking up Spark Notes on a book we were supposed to read for class. But how obsessed have we become?

I got my first cell phone when I was a Freshman in High School. Even that was late for me! All my friends had one. I had gotten the first iPod a year earlier. But today, I see eight-year-olds with iPhones. Thankfully, I am still part of the generation who remembers playing outside when there was no such thing as internet-or at least we were too young to know what it was-when there was plenty of climbing trees, hide-and-seek, and playing tag. Just being active instead of exercising our fingers to the point of cramping. My four-year-old nephew was playing with a water hose, and I had turned it off without him noticing. He said “Auntie, the battery is dead!” I told him the water hose doesn’t have a battery. He replied “Ok, then it needs to be charged.” While I laughed at the time, this incident saddened me. How dependent will the young ones of today be on technology?

It’s not even the young ones though. My brother who is three years younger than me gets so frustrated when his camera doesn’t automatically focus, or something doesn’t load. It’s a computer!! We cannot depend on these things. When students complain that their internet crashed so they couldn’t do their homework, or their computer froze so they couldn’t print their paper. Is the computer in too much control of our lives? And how much to we allow it to be?

Students spend more time on Pinterest than they do actually paying attention in class and taking notes (I am not a part of this ratio because I refuse to get a Pinterest. One because I don’t see the point, and two because I know I would not get anything done). Has our attention span lessened because of all the games and social media apps we have at our fingertips? If there’s nothing on Facebook, we move onto the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

Don’t get me wrong. Technology can be AMAZING. Like Adobe Lightroom for example. LOVE IT. WordPress even!! Great!! But how much technology does it take for it to be detrimental to our learning and health?

Personally, I have taken Facebook off my phone and I barely use twitter. But being that Photography is a major hobby of mine, I’ve kept Instagram. I am an active Spachatter, but I also frequently write and send letters through ‘snail mail’. If I can go on the internet or do something for myself, I’ll participate in the latter (for the most part). I have not read US magazine or People magazine since God knows when, but I always read the newspaper and stay up to date with current events. I make an active effort to pull away from the dependency of technology while still keeping an eye on current topics.

I feel like this post would be an amazing paper if I could back it up with statistics. But for right now it’s just a rant. Society’s dependency on Technology frustrates me and I would love to see some sort of change in how we raise our children so that they learn to be independent and problem-solvers. Thanks for listening!


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