How to make Hanging Lanters

Dyed Mason Jars- DIY WSU Style!

photo 2

Disclaimer: These jars are not for drinking out of, or are in any way water-resistant.

You Will Need:

Modge Podge

Mason Jars, or Jar of your choice (I used Pint sized jars)

Food Coloring

Fake Tea Candles (This is important! Real candles will melt Modge Podge)

Industrial Wire (Durable)

Wire Cutters


Cookie Sheet

An Oven

How To:

To start, get two Tupperware containers and pour about 1/3 cup Modge Podge into each.

Put in as much food coloring as necessary-or as much as desired. I wanted a rich red color, so I used about half the food coloring bottle. To achieve the grey color, I used two drops of yellow, and seven drops of red, blue and green. Now unfortunately, once the grey jars came out of the oven (later in the process) they look more brown than grey….
Add a splash of water. Just a little bit!! The more water, the more transparent your finished product will be. Be sure to mix all the food coloring and water together. Any streaks will show up at the end!


Prepare a sheet of foil for the first step of the drying process.

Starting with whichever color you prefer, pour about three tablespoons of Modge Podge into your Pint jar and turn the jar until the paste has covered every inch. Then set the jar upside down to dry for about an hour, on a sheet of foil. Continue with every jar.


During this drying process, go ahead and preheat the oven to about 175.

Pull out your cookie sheet and grab another piece of foil to put on top of the sheet. Peel off each jar of the original foil, and be sure to clean up the outer lip where any glue may have tried or clumped-I haven’t quite figured out how to not get any clumps without adding too much water-place the jars on the cookie sheet the same way as before, top down. Bake all, like so, for an hour or so. This part is important because if you flip them too early, you’ll receive drip marks on your jars.


After the first hour in the oven, pull the tray out. The jars should look partially clean, and partially wet, like the photo above. Prepare another piece of foil on a cookie sheet. Careful, these jars are super hot! Peel each of the jars off and place them on the fresh piece of foil right side up. Be sure to clean off any excess Modge Podge strings that are attached, with a wet paper towel.


Bake them right side up for about 30 mins. or until all wet spots are dry! Let them cool before you handle them. It shouldn’t take too long.

Taking your industrial wire, measure a piece to go under the lip of the jar, all the way around. This is important because if it is not tight enough, the jar will fall. Include extra wire towards the end, for twisting. Twist the ends together once, and then point each end in the opposite direction for fastening. This will keep the soon-to-be-made handle, secure!


I cut a 17.5 inch long piece of industrial wire for my handle. Depending on where you want to hang it from, choose the length of your wire accordingly. Place each end underneath the wire that’s already on the jar, down about an inch. Twist up both ends. Make sure each twist is an inch or longer otherwise it won’t be very secure!


The final touch is the fake tea light!

photo 1


They look pretty dang good if I do say so myself!


And against that beautiful Pullman sky…


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy your crafting!

All Pictures were taken by yours truly, with an iPhone 4 and a Canon Rebel Xti

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